Life+ measures

The following measures are planned A.1 Visitors' management concept  
A.2 Design of a Coppiced Woodland Information Centre  
A.3 Preliminary assessment of the main implementation points   
B.1 Purchase of agricultural land   
B.2 Purchase of forested land  
C.1 Removal of tree species not native to the region  
C.2 Forest margin optimisation  
C.3 Creation of clearings in former coppiced woodland  
C.4 Resumption of the use of coppiced woodland  
C.5 Protection of biotope trees/groves  
C.6 Creation and restoration of common meadows   
C.7 Creation of stag beetle breeding heaps  
C.8 Restoration of a traditionally structured vineyard
C.9 Creation of a traditionally managed orchard 
C.10 Removal of topsoil and sowing wild flower seeds  
C.11 Creation and optimisation of ponds and complexes of small bodies of water  
C.12 Reconfiguration of existing bodies of standing water and ponds   
C.13 Reconfiguration of the sluice on the Rehberggraben  
C.14 Improvements for the benefit of the hard shelled river mussel population
C.15 Optimisation of the tufa springs near Markt Einersheim  
D.1 Development of a Corporate Design  
D.2 Web-site 
D.3 General project flyer  
D.4 Flyer topics  
D.5 Transportable project information boards  
D.6 Information pages on the project  
D.7 Project video  
D.8 Report for non-specialists 
D.9 Coppiced Woodland Information Centre  
D.10 Exhibition in the Coppiced Woodland Information Pavilion
D.11 Nature observation structures  
D.12 Infopoint  
D.13 Nature trails 
D.14 Media work  
D.15 Horse-drawn coach trip event  
D.16 Presentation dates with site visit  
D.17 Tours/excursions  
D.18 LIFE+  calendar  
D.19 Workshop on the exploitation of historic and extensive land uses 
E.1 Project management  
E.2 Reporting 
E.3 Independent audit  
E.4 Manager 
E.5 performance monitoring 
E.6 Networking with other projects  
E.7 After LIFE Conservation Plan