The Coppiced Woodland Information Centre


The information pavilion was constructed near the "Bildeiche" oak, a well known tourist attraction, to host a variety of events and to act as an environmental education resource. It is a very simple wooden structure with a sloping monopitch roof and large glass windows ("display windows") so that the exhibition inside the building can also be seen from the outside; they also provide a reference to the exterior during a visit to the exhibition. Ecological factors e.g. in the form of local drainage, PV panels, the use of construction materials typical for the area were also taken into account.

Draft view of the information pavilion with a view towards the main entrance (draft by Harald Bauer - Architect, BDB,, version as at 2011)

It is anticipated that the building will be used after the end of the project and will have a permanent exhibition for all visitors including guided tours through the exhibition e.g. with guides as the starting point or guided excursions or as a venue for events/workshops at week-ends. The exhibition in the pavilion and the design of the outside facilities are intended to appeal to a wide public of all ages. The external areas will be as accessible as possible. Local factors e.g. the existing trees or work undertaken close to the pavilion will be integrated into the environment.

Construction work

Construction of the information pavilion commenced in spring 2012.

Concreting the floor slab and a digger working on the site of the Coppiced Woodland Information Centre.



The Coppiced Woodland Information Pavilion was opened in August 2012. It is open regularly at week ends during the summer. Please contact the Iphofen Tourist Information Office for visits outside normal opening hours.